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The urological laparoscopy is the technique that for a decade is being imposed in the field of urology to be reducing more and more points of incisions at the level of the abdominal wall to achieve the same surgery that we used to do with large incisions. We fundamentally believe that this is the great advance at the urological level that is taking place in this decade and we bet for it, for the minimally invasive urological surgery.

In what cases do you have to resort to this technique?

The minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery in urology we are using mainly in two major fields. In one that is pelvic surgery, which would entail everything that is surgery on prostate cancer and bladder cancer, and the other all that entails at the level of upper urinary tract surgery, such as kidney cancer, Spinoplasty, intragenales lithiasis that can not be resolved in any other way.

What are the benefits and risks for the patient?

From my point of view the benefits of urological surgery in the field of laparoscopy are all. As we become better and more competent we become in this field we are managing to reduce, above all, the time of stay, the recovery of the patient is much faster, the return to your day to day is much faster, we are minimizing the risk of injury of any type of viscera, and the rate of transfusions have virtually eradicated. We feel very confident with this technique and we believe that we can contribute a lot to the patient.

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